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"This is an essential tool for the new teacher."

Kenneth Burr / Principal

L.A. Wilson Technological Center - Dix Hills, Long Island, NY


"This manual teaches that education is a process and partnership between home, school and community. It is worthwhile for those who want a refreshing look at the education process."

Ron Davis / Principal

Chatham High School - Chatham, NY


"It would be a great help to a new teacher who is struggling to make their grading process of value to student, teacher and parent. High standards call for meaningful work and constructive reflection on each student’s progress. A system that holds students accountable and is also supportive of growth, works to everyone’s advantage."

Alan Baratz / Principal

Satellite Academy High School - New York City, NY


" ‘ How to Keep Score...’ is a creative approach to teaching and grade keeping, and is highly informative. It shows the dos and don’ts of a previously difficult task. A must for every new teacher and experienced teacher, whose current method doesn’t seem to work."

Katy Mattis / Teacher

D.C.S. Montessori - Littleton, Colorado


"We need positive no fail systems in place for all levels of teaching - helping students achieve at all levels of intelligence. Focus on the student first! Enthusiasm, feedback, gradebooks and homework are all vital learning techniques and tools contained in this workbook which every educator must read!"

Annette Geraigery M.Ed. / Supervisor of Teachers

Salem State College & University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA