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as told by a fly on the wall of a school system

                Accountability ... in the classroom

(Sound grading policies and practices that work !)

by Joan Franzone


Aimed at enlightening aspiring master teachers, this entertaining, engaging and easy to read satirical analysis of a pile of gradebooks and experiences gathered from public and private schools past and present over a twenty-five year period in a variety of socio-economic settings illustrates the important role played by efficient use of gradebooks to evaluate students on a daily, thorough incremental basis in the classroom - where educational reform begins and ends.

Included are parodies, paradigms and a cast of cartoon characters contained within a play exploring and contrasting the effects of overbearing, fickle and indifferent forms of evaluation on the archetypical nature of a set of students that are fixed as they seem to show up every semester.

Found in the appendix of this ‘well-told-tale’ is a foolproof, tried and true method of monitoring student progress which preserves self-esteem, modifies behavior, promotes literacy, heightens study habits and empowers students to embark on a lifetime of learning.

Discussed are several alternative ways of arriving at final averages providing the necessary flexibility while addressing the special needs of both heterogeneous and homogeneous group situations as well as idiosyncrasies of individual students.

When viewed on a collective basis by an entire teaching staff the cumulative effects of this tool could play a significant role towards enhancing our educational institutions within a surprisingly short period of time.