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Patch The Cracks in Your School System with: 

How To Keep

Score So

Johnny Can Read

Authored by Joan Franzone, Cert. Sci. Perm. N.Y. State

A crash course in efficient grade book keeping

(not offered at most colleges)

Achieve excellence within a short period of time.

Use a teaching tool that actually works !!!

New Teachers

Are you scared of September?
Learn how to have a great teaching day - EVERYDAY 
A MUST for aspiring master teachers everywhere 
Clean up the "fuzzies" in your grade book once and for all
Cement student teacher relations in more classes instilling self discipline
Create a calm, productive classroom atmosphere where students control THEMSELVES within three weeks
Earn excellent observation status and ratings from your superiors



Boost achievement scores
Minimize failures within your district
Increase student motivation in more classes to reach standard and beyond
Improve home and school relations with a crystal clear open accountability method that runs on positive reward


Hold your own at the next Parent / Teacher conference by getting the inside scoop.
How is your child graded?
Is your child’s teacher being fair?

Home Schoolers and Tutors

Here’s a simple, compact, user friendly accountability system that actually works - instantly